Three new walking trails lace the woods surrounding the Tarrytown Lakes park. The work of volunteers, the trails are well-blazed, but they need your foot traffic to keep them well-groomed.

On the new green-blazed trail, you can explore the edge of the Upper (smaller) Lake, the cherry meadow, and a large shaggy field of phragmites and mugwort (great for birdwatching, trail running, or winter hikes).

From the main parking lot at the Tarrytown Lakes Park, follow the rail trail to the left of the lake, almost to the end, where it crosses the old railroad bridge. The trail is a lollipop loop and leaves from the right, once you get past the bridge.

You can also access the trails from a new parking lot on Wilson Park Drive, at the corner of County House Road. Just follow the trail past the new homes to where it joins the rail trail.

Or, park at the pull-out along Neperan Road, just to the north of the causeway between the lakes, and pick up the green trail there.

Cherry trees blooming in the meadow at Tarrytown Lakes Park. A new trail leads through the meadow.


Another Lakes park trail, blazed white, runs under the old train bridge and connects with the yellow trail. The woods to the east of the lakes now offers a trail to explore as well.

While you won’t find it on any map yet, the trail is fully blazed from the pump station at the Lower (larger) Lake, all the way to Glenville Woods Park Preserve (where you can pick up a sandwich at the WedgedInn Deli when you’re through hiking!).

It’s a two-mile, one-way trail under a forest canopy of pine and hardwood, passing large boulders, reminders of a Civil Conservation Corps presence and a railroad cut through the rocks.

Look for growing reminders of a former plant nursery just before you get to Glenville Woods. Park at the park-and-ride on Neperan Road; cross the road to the pump house and look for the trail on the left as it ascends the hillside into the woods.