In 2018, the Village of Tarrytown installed a pair of kayak storage racks at Losee Park, on the Hudson River.

For some of us who love to get out on the water, this was huge. For $150.00 a year, we could leave our kayak or canoe locked up and secured on one of fourteen spots near the Losee Park boat launch. (Losee Park is located on Green Street, Tarrytown, on the river side of the train tracks, just before you get to the Washington Irving Boat Club.)

This meant the end of car-topping kayaks from garage to water. And the ease of getting boats into the Hudson River meant, naturally, more time actually spent on the water, alone or in groups.

This was no doubt a win for local paddlers, but it also came with a benefit for the river. More access to the water means a greater sense of stewardship, ownership, and protection, because who can paddle past a piece of floating foam and not pick it up? Kayakers become eyes on the river, even as we enjoy simply being out on in the morning sunrise on calm, flat water.

In 2020, the village will be adding additional kayak storage racks as part of the renovation of Losee Park.

TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT ON THE RACK: Interested in renting a space in the racks for 2020? The spaces go back on sale in the spring of 2020. Each kayak permit, entitling you to a spot on the rack, costs $170 annually and can be reserved at the Recreation Center.  You can complete this form and bring it to the Rec Center for assignment and payment – or you can just fill one out there.

You are required to display a Village permit sticker on your craft, and you must wear a personal flotation device while on the water. All kayaks and canoes must be locked to the storage racks.