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Coal Is Dead! Long Live Renewables!

Below is an excerpt from this excellent article on Vox: 4 remarkable facts about coal’s declining health So let’s walk through the four big findings. 1. It is already...

Community Garden Request Form

We have a few 4'x8' beds available in the Paulding School community garden for this season. If you are interested in having a spot, please complete the form below. Please note that space is very limited, so if interest exceeds demand there will be a lottery system....

For The Walkers – Maps and Things to Look For

Tarrytown Trail Map - by Suzy Allman: Map Downloads: Medium-Res JPG (530kB) High-Res JPG (640kB) Right-Click (Ctrl-Click on Macs) and select Save Link As to save to your computer for printing Things to Look For On the Trails...

For The Birds! – Checklist and Guided Tour

Here are some things to help you: Bird-Sighting Checklist for Tarrytown Lakes Park (PDF) Common Birds in Our Area (PDF)  

Project Sunroof Shows Great Solar Potential in Tarrytown

by Dean Gallea, TEAC Good news from a tech behemoth: Google has created a little-known automated tool, called Project Sunroof, that shows buildings’ and houses’ potential for solar photovoltaic generation. You can enter an address, or a town’s name or zip code, and...

NY’s Plastic Bag Ban is ON!

The bill went into effect on March 1, 2020, and yet there is still mass confusion about the legislation. The law gives authority to each municipality (county or city) to impose a mandatory 5 cent fee on paper bags or not. In absence of a mandated fee (as in the case...

Pol­li­na­tor Path­ways 101

by James Carsey, TEAC Volunteer Published in The Hudson Independent, Nov. 2019 Whether you are a seasoned gardener with a yard full of head-turning peonies or you are a rookie that just learned the difference between annuals and perennials, chances are you’ve heard...

Unnecessary Noise: A consequence of our gasoline culture

by Dean Gallea The other day I was enjoying a quiet bike ride along the Hudson River, near the Sleepy Hollow lighthouse where some sort of photo shoot was going on. My reverie was shattered by the cacophony of three “cigarette” boats (long, narrow speedboats) roaring...

Heat Pumps: Stay Warm, Be Cool, Save Money AND The Climate

by Dean Gallea - June, 2019 In case you haven’t heard, Con Ed has slapped a moratorium on most new natural gas hookups in lower Westchester for the foreseeable future. They say that, with many people having switched from expensive oil to cheaper – and more-efficient –...

Spotlight on Greenwashing

Is it really biodegradable? Check the contents. If it contains plastic, it’s not — despite “greenwashing” claims.

Curbside Food Scrap Pickup
Is Coming!

Show your interest – Take the Survey

The Town of Greenburgh and its five Villages are slated to get a new service starting later this year: Curbside pickup of food scraps is anticipated in late 2020 or early 2021. Because this program is a pilot, it will initially serve areas of highest interest concentration. So, it’s important to show avid interest in Tarrytown through this survey.  Please click this link to access the Survey and indicate your interest.

In the meantime, the Village is investing more into the current drop-off program by adding a second pick-up day and installing a wash pad at the DPW site. The new pickup schedule (by our carting company) will be Mondays and Fridays every week, and the Village will be rotating toters with newly washed toters to ensure as pleasant an experience as possible!


TaSH will be starting
2020 season

Saturday, May 23
8:30 am-2:00 pm

 Look for an early spring pop-up market with just a handful of vendors to help get us all through the Covid-19 health crisis!



Today, as climate change poses a fundamental threat to our planet, Tarrytown is working to protect our riverfront environment through volunteer actions, policy advancement and programs to reduce carbon emissions. Find out how you can get involved.



There’s a job for you here! Bring your skills, and join our group.

Spotlight on Greenwashing

Is it really biodegradable? Check the contents. If it contains plastic, it’s not — despite “greenwashing” claims.

A Pledge for a Tree: Fly Less

Ahead of Earth Day, we've been hanging our Earth Day Pledge Trees around town. These are large posters with the design of tree branches. The idea is, you pick up one of the leaf-shaped sticky notes, write a thoughtful pledge onto the leaf and then stick it...

PAPER OR PLASTIC? (neither!)

GOOD BAN, BUT LET'S PUSH THE STATE TO CHARGE FOR PAPER, TOO. While we support Gov. Cuomo's proposed statewide ban on single-use plastic bags, Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Council will keep advocating for a small fee on paper bags as well. With the deadline for...