About TEAC

About Us:

The Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Council (TEAC) is a volunteer, citizen-led committee established by the Village of Tarrytown in 1974 to advise the mayor, the Board of Trustees and other local boards on environmental matters. The council is comprised of nine voting members who are appointed by the Board of Trustees and two associate members. TEAC researches, reports and makes recommendations on land use, ecological integrity, environmental consequences, quality of life and public health and safety. The Council also promotes ecological sustainability in Tarrytown through public education, and is committed to working with area businesses, community leaders and neighbors to create a cleaner, greener and safer place to live and work.

Current areas of focus include:

  • Mitigating the effects of climate change
  • Energy conservation and carbon footprint
  • Sustainable development
  • Safe and healthy public spaces
  • Healthy air, soil and water
  • Sustainable landscaping
  • Waste, reduction & recycling

Our Meetings: CLICK HERE