Green Businesses

TEAC lists local businesses that offer services or have adopted operating policies that are largely environmentally friendlier than most other similar businesses. If you know of a business that we should consider listing, please let us know at, specifying how the business is fulfilling that promise.

Grass Roots Kitchen in Tarrytown: Provides reusable servingware for eat-in diners, and take-out servingware is compostable. Varied menu of locally-harvested food. 909-5588

Sweet Grass Grill in Tarrytown: The same policies as Grass Roots above, and they compost all their vegetable waste.

The Taco Project in Tarrytown: Offers compostable serviceware.

Unicorn Lawn Care, based in Pocantico Hills: Uses 100% manual and battery/electric equipment. 357-3453