If You’re Cleaning Up, a BIG THANK YOU!!
and… Stay Safe

  • Please practice “Social Distancing” – Stay 6 feet apart, and use your own bag
  • Wear a face covering if you are around any other people
  • Wear TWO pairs of gloves:
    • A latex or equivalent waterproof inner pair to protect your hands from liquids, and
    • A durable outer pair to protect from sharp or abrasive items
  • Consider using a “reacher” to reduce bending over and to reach through brush
  • Don’t try to move things heavier than you can easily handle
  • Watch your step on waters’ edges or uneven or muddy ground

Suggested areas to clean up:

  • Anywhere around your neighborhood, along streets and sidewalks
  • In Village parks, such as Pierson, Neperan and Wilson
  • Along walking and hiking paths – see the map HERE
  • Along waterways, such as the Lakes, Andre and Sheldon Brooks, and the Pocantico and Hudson Rivers

Where to leave your bags of trash and recyclables – the Village will be picking up from these areas; be sure to tie bags tightly closed:

  • A. The Skate Shack Lot (foot of Sunnyside Ave.)
  • B. The pull-off parking areas on the north and south of the “S-turn” across the lakes
  • C. In front of the old Eastview Pump House below the dam
  • D. At Pierson Park by the cul-de-sac.
  • E. At Losee Park on either side of the field – by Lot F (parking lot) or by the Kayak Rack.