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Catching the Sun at Warner Library

Monday, July 25
6:30pm (coffee & conversation), 7:00 (movie)

The SunBlue Energy team invites you to a FREE screening of the documentary, “Catching the Sun”. All are welcome! Don’t miss your chance to witness ‘the global economic race to lead the clean energy movement’ now being shown nation-­‐wide. Complementary light snacks and refreshments will be served.

"A must-­‐see film. An eye-­‐opening look at workers and entrepreneurs on the forefront of the clean energy movement that will transform, and enliven the way you see the future. What is clear is the wonderful opportunity the transition to clean energy represents."
-­‐Mark Ruffalo Actor, Director, Producer, Humanitarian, Social Activist

“Award-­‐winning filmmaker and eco-­‐ activist Shalini Kantayya’s documentary broadens the often faceless climate change debate to include people of color and explore the possibilities of social and economic justice in a soon-­‐to-­‐be solar-­‐ powered world.”
-­‐Julie Anderson LA Film Festival

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 12:30am to 2:00am